16 de agosto de 2013

Alessandro Scarlatti - CARLO RE D'ALLEMAGNA - (F.Biondi,2009 LIVE) - Resubido - DAB

 CD87864 Scarlatti-Carlo Re Alemagna -Basso-Invernizzi-Liso-Kielland

Recording from Digital Radio Broadcast (DAB) by RNE Clasica HQ on the 29/1/11 of a show dd 3-12-2009 done by the Norwegen Radio. Encoded in MP3 at CBR 320kbps 16bit 48 KHz.

Carlo, re d'Alemagna (Charles, King of the Francs)

Opera in Three Acts (Concert version)

Music by Alessandro Scarlatti

Text in Italian by Giuseppe Papis, based on historical tales from

World Premiere: Teatro San Bartolomeo in Naples, January 1716

Modern premiere: Festival Scarlatti, Palermo, June 2003

This production: Stavanger Concerthall, Stavanger, Norway, December 03, 2009