29 de marzo de 2012

Ravel Maurice -L’Enfant Et Les Sortileges- Lorin Maazel

L'Enfant Et Les Sortileges
Maurice Ravel
Francoise Ogeas, Jane Berbie, Jeanine Collard
Sylvaine Gilma, Camille Maurane, Heinz Rehfuss
Michel Senechal, Colette Herzog
Orchestre National de la RTF
Lorin Maazel 

 01. ‘I don’t want to learn my lesson’
02. ‘Has mother’s boy been good?’
03. ‘I don’t care!’
04. ‘Your humble servant, Bergère!’
05. ‘Ding, ding, ding, ding’
06. ‘How’s Your Mug?’
07. ‘What the hell, Mah-jong’
08. ‘Oh! My lovely China cup!’
09. ‘Away! I warm the good but burn the bad!’
10. ‘Farewell, Shepherdesses!’
11. ‘Ah! ’tis she! ’tis she!’
12. ‘You, the heart of the rose’
13. ‘Two taps run into a tank!’
14. ‘Oh! My head!’
15. Cat’s Duet
16. The Music of insects, frogs & toads, the laughter of screech-owls, a murmur of breeze & nightingales
17. ‘Ah! What happiness to find you again, Garden!’
18. ‘Where are you?’
19. Round Dance of the bats: ‘Give her back to me…tsk, tsk…’
20. Dance of the frogs
21. ‘Save yourself, silly! And the cage? The cage?’
22. ‘The cage, it was to see better how nimble you were’
23. ‘Ah! It’s the Child with the knife!’
24. ‘He has dressed the wound…’
25. ‘He is good, the Child, he is wise’